ZELTZER & CO Law firm is most experienced in the Torts section and has been involved in many of Israel’s most complex and high profile mass tort litigations.

Many of the verdicts and precedents are being quoted regularly in court and even studied in law faculties. Some of the cases were exceptionally high profile and received extensive media coverage.

The firm is highly regarded as a prominent law office in the area of Torts Law (Damages) including Medical Malpractice and Negligence cases. We represent Israeli and foreign clients in the most serious and compound torts’ lawsuits, such as the huge lawsuit connected with the Maccabiah Bridge Disaster in 1997 against 23 defendants, the lawsuit of the heirs of the eleven murdered Israeli sportsmen in the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, the lawsuit of a young European tourist who was seriously injured in a road accident while visiting Israel and many others. All those cases ended in a financial judgment or settlement of Millions of Shekels


In the commercial field, ZELTZER & CO Law provides a range of services to clients from Israel and abroad in civil and commercial law, including settlement of disputes in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

The firm’s list of clients includes prominent Israeli and international entities and private investors in their operations in Israel and abroad. The firm’s national and international practice enables it to provide comprehensive services for business operations. The firm has been actively engaged in Australia, U.S.A. and in Western Europe, mostly but not solely in Austria, while the firm represented the three most important major Austrian banks in a huge case of liquidation in Israel. Our firm has also great success representing Austrian companies and their insurer (Generali).

Our Firm’s policy is to choose and maintain a strict selection of its clients, thus providing an exclusive client-base with a comprehensive and personal legal service on an individual basis. This enables our clients to benefit from a unique ‘tailor made’ legal service that is exclusive, exceptional and distinctive.

We bring a strategic approach to resolving cases based on our extensive experience, focusing on the underlying business interests of the parties to formulate and execute litigation strategies that optimize the benefits to our clients of any resolution, whether adjudicated or negotiated.

Our firm is the Israeli representative in CLG, an international organization with over 400 lawyers from Europe, the US, Mexico, Asia and South Africa, providing our Israeli and foreign clients with professional, reliable and comprehensive services worldwide.


ZELTZER & CO Law Firm specializes in real estate transactions including consultancy and close supervision of individual cases, commercial projects and entrepreneurial transactions, second-hand transactions, contractor purchase etc.

As part of the escort and legal service, our firm also provides other services such as conduct with the tax authorities and the Land Registry Bureau.

We accompany our clients in negotiating, advising and formulating the optimal commercial terms, both in the purchase and sale of property and in any commercial agreement, including drafting agreements and escorting all stages of the transaction until completion.

Our firm serves as the trust office for the registration of a shared house in a project of over 250 apartments in Tiberias.

Our broad practice allows us to advise on all aspects of real estate transactions, including structuring, negotiation, and financing arrangements related to the relevant transaction.

Our real estate clients include some of the largest and most active developers in the Israeli market.


ZELTZER & CO Law Firm has extensive experience in the International field. The firm assists its Israeli clients in their operations outside Israel. In addition, we have extensive experience in consulting and representing our foreign clients, including governments, governmental companies, private companies and others regarding their affaires in and outside Israel.

Our firm is the only Israeli representative in the CLG (Commercial Law Group) organization with over 400 attorneys worldwide. Our office maintains working relationships with leading offices in Europe, the US and many other countries, enabling us to provide our Israeli and foreign clients with a professional and comprehensive services worldwide.

As part of this, our firm, as the other members of the organization, is regularly updated on significant developments in European and international law.

We ensure that the clients receive reliable and high level of personal service legal advice for all their businesses across Europe and the United States, Mexico, Asia, South Africa and more.

The common languages ​​used are English, French and German (along with other languages).


ZELTZER & CO Law Firm provides notary services efficiently and quickly, according to the client's needs, in our office or anywhere else, according to the circumstances.

Our firm provides all legal services under the law and regulations including certification of making of will, authentication of signature, authentication of translation, confirmation of receipt of an affidavit or declaration, certificate of life, power of attorney, apostille and any other notarial certificate in accordance with the law.

The Notary's fees are set in accordance with the Notaries Regulations and are updated once a year.

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