Dr. Pinchas Zeltzer

The firm founder (1941 – 2017)

The late Adv. Dr. Pinchas Zeltzer, Pinny, has founded the firm in 1969.

Pinny, was one of the most experienced and well-known attorneys and litigators in Israel. His dissertation focused on the principles of medical malpractice and the standard of care required by the reasonable physician.

Pinny was involved in the top compensation awarding judgments in personal injury cases. Some of the most important precedents and cited cases in the Israeli Supreme Court and the lower instances jurisprudence in matters of personal injuries, negligence and liability, are cases in which he was involved and are studied in Israel's faculties of Law.

For many years Pinny served in the Bar Association, was a member of the Tort Committee near the Tel Aviv District Committee, the Chairman of the Tort Committee of the Tel Aviv District, Vice Chairman of the Legislative Committee and Relations with the Courts of the Central Committee, a member of the Professional Liability Committee by the Committee The District, Chairman (Joint) of the Medical and Law Forum next to the Central Committee, Chairman (Joint) of the Tort Forum of the Central Committee of the Israel Bar Association and more.

He also represented the Israeli Bar at hearings of the Israeli Parliamentary Committee (The Knesset) for Legislation and Jurisprudence concerning new legislation or amendments to existing laws.

Pinny was an exceptional person with huge knowledge, who left his mark in academia, in courtrooms, in important public organizations and more.

He served as a trusted advocate of the government of the Republic of Austria, served as Consul General of the Austrian Republic of Israel and received the high honor (gold) from the President of the Republic.

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